Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trying out Trichem

Last year, I discovered my love of painting, especially umbrellas. For the longest time, I painted umbrellas for friends. My favorites are still the umbrellas I painted for my girls: a peacock for Elizabeth and a heart design for Haley.

To write the names, I found Paint tubes the best, but unfortunately the only paint tubes available in craft stores are oil-based. I happen to be allergic to these. My mom bought all my paint tubes from me when I discovered this. Back in the day, Trichem was a major supplier for paint tubes. This is a home party consultant business type of product, so it's not available in stores.

Most peers my age seem to have never heard of trichem, or if they have, they know it because their mother or grandmother did it. To be honest, when I think of trichem products I think of silk screen looking shirts like this:

Meh. I can see my grandmother wearing this, maybe even my mother (possibly). Infact, looking at Trichem's website even makes me uninspired. Thank goodness that I have imagination and desire to decorate beyong the average box t-shirt.

The great thing about trichem is their paints are all water based (no odors) and safe to use. I have to say, I'm thoroughly addicted.

I got a bunch of tirchem products for Christmas, and I'm ordering the instructor kit soon, to start holding parties in march. I'll be posting weekly updates on business with trichem, but one thing in my head is clear: It's time to bring trichem to a younger generation in a way they can appreciate it!

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  1. Growing up my mother was an Artex dealer. We are interested in getting back into it. Tri Chem is the closest we have found & are hoping it is just as enjoyable