Friday, April 6, 2012

Wonderful Wonderland

Today is Fairytale Friday, and I'm going to announce the fairytale in just a minute, but I'm saving the rest of the details for next Friday. First, I want to share some personal thoughts with you.

Yesterday was a glorious day for me. This is my middle child Haley.

She has Sensory Processing Disorder (formerly known as Sensory Integration Dysfunction or Sensory Integration Disorder), no diagnosis of the cause. It effects her daily life; Muscle development, coordination, speech, eating, and self help skills. It's one of those 'unvisible' disabilities. It was not until she was two that I really started suspecting something. It was not until she turned three that we were able to convince a professional she (we) needed extra help. Thankfully, the help we have received so far has helped her tremendously.

The biggest factor, which lead me to seek help, was that I was struggling to get her potty trained. Now, I know that for a lot of moms, potty training is a difficult task, so why would this bother me? Well, I kind of have a huge ego about my ability to potty train. I used to work with children at potty training age, so I have a lot of experience. Both of my other children (one older and one younger) trained in three days.

Haley is now four, and in a diaper size I swore my kids would never wear. (Boy, God sure does like to make you eat your words sometimes). The past six months I've tried potty training ideas, poured over potty training books, and sp. needs books, trying to come with a plan. I finally gave up and let go in February when another mom with special needs advised me to.

A few weeks ago Haley had her first success on the potty while taking a bath, her sister told her to go on the potty (I said nothing!) and she did! So when spring break came around I figured I'd give it a go again. The first day had little success, she really did not like the underwear. Yesterday, I tried a new approach. I allowed her to run around with nothing, and only reminded her that if she needed to go to use the potty. Otherwise, I left her alone. Well, I am happy to report that not only did things go well, but we had no accidents. In fact, she demonstrated so much control that I suspect the problem was not with her, but with me. I was approaching it all wrong, and Haley resisted only for control. Once I gave her the control, things went by with out a hitch.

I can't help but feel like I've won a marathon, a game I've been competing in for two years.Yesterday I kept thinking of ways I could celebrate- throwing a party for her (we have Easter this weekend, so a party is not necessary.), or having a mom's night out (but that doesn't really involve Haley, does it?). Then I thought of the perfect idea! I am giving Haley an underwear shopping. Since she has moved past 2T-3T underwear, and we don't have but three size 4 underwear, I will take her to buy a stock of underwear she can wear proudly.

You know I'm not leaving you out of this either. :0) You can enter code : CONGRATSHALEY  ** for a whooping 40% any item in my shop. You can be rest assured it will help pay for her underwear. :0)

Now with out further ado, I give you the fairytale of the month: Alice in Wonderland. You'll see a full post next Friday, but expect to hear more from me soon!

** offer expires April 9th, 2012