Saturday, September 15, 2012

These Are The Best Days.

An OCD person would have an epic fit in our house right now. Paper covers the dinning area. The Kitchen counters are full of dishes, shoes are thrown about, and the hallway is cluttered with laundry. You would think I took the day off. In all honesty, I really have not cared about the mess. My hair is wacky from bits of hairspray still trying to hold onto some strands up for dear life. I small like a barn. I'm not planning on taking a shower either........

It's one of those days we took a break from life, and a huge leap with the three monsters we call children for a family outing. We chanced the germs, the heartburn, and the potty accidents (YES--we took the two youngest in underwear.). I chanced the terror of fighting Haley's sensory issues with noise, light, and sound. We chanced the Interstate Fair.

The animals really looked happy to see kids were happy to see the animals. I didn't see any-- I know I was around them...despite smelling like one, I have the evidence on my camera. Not that I am in any of the pictures--- but no one touches my camera but Rusty and I.

After the animals, we ate ridiculously expensive pizza, pretzels and corn dogs for the price of a family five meal at a sit down restaurant. If you have ever read First Comes Love, Then Come Money... I'm an security seeker and saver (the most uptight money personality there is!). By now my ears were burning from hearing the prices and calculating how much we had already spent.

We headed over to the produce and 4-H area, I told the kids to follow me to see the vegetables. At this point my oldest; a first grader, says (rather loudly I might add) "What are vegetables?".........Mortified, I replied with ample force "THE THINGS YOU REFUSE TO EAT AT DINNER!"

About noon we made it to the 4-H photo booth, Tyler (my youngest) starts his grumpy phase (it's nap time). That's where everything he does is with a frown, slumped shoulders, and head low. You'd think we told him Christmas isn't coming this year. In my attempts to take each kid's photo in the booth, I came out with some pretty priceless photos.......

YEP, Priceless. You know I'm showing this to his future girlfriends.

I am most impressed with how Haley did. She had no break downs. She tried new things. She sat for the entire lunch. She rode a horse.......twice. She tried honey. She rode a rollercoaster AND DID NOT FREAK OUT (Her older sister did, however.)! Probably the most precious part is her reaction to the goats eating out of her hand. She couldn't stop giggling and laughing!

I, on the other hand, lost my son's jacket, and had a strained neck by the end of the day. We came home, and aside from putting Haley in bath (I had to! She was covered in half melted cotton candy!), I did no cleaning what so ever. Then I went all Paula Deen on Rusty and made Apple Bake (I have to brag for a second..It is the best one I have made! Who knew that following a recipe could do that?!).....but I didn't put any of the dishes in the sink, or put the ingredients away(Nah---I'm joking...I put the butter away.).

I'm exhausted, and a little worse for wear in the wallet. The house is a disater. But it doesn't matter.  Years from now, I won't remember how much it cost, what the house looked like, or even how exhausted I am. These are the best days..The days when you create memories.