Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays from My Family!

I really dread doing family pictures.  I really have a appreciation for having them, but making them....that's something entirely different. Scheduling an appointment, getting the children dressed up, loading them up, trying to make them smile, having to come back and pick up the prints.....ugh......

Not to mention that Haley had extreme issues with taking photos in the past. As a baby, she wouldn't even respond to her name, so most of her pictures were looking off in some other direction, not really smiling. By the time she was walking, I was just happy to have her visible in the photograph.

I learned to lower my expectations. My husband and I talked about having a professional photographer do our photos, but in anticipation of a repeat of our last family photos (were only the manager was able to get all three kids together!) we decided a milder environment family snapshot was all we could handle.

Surprisingly, it went well, once I set everything up. I still don't know anything about photography, and I knew the pictures would be dark (our living room, the brightest room, isn't the best). I am pleased to say all the kids posed for the camera. The girls didn't really smile, and Haley kept slouching. But there is five of us in the photo, and it wasn't I am very happy.

Maybe next year we'll do professional, since the children did so well. Happy Holidays!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Why a real clover isn't REAL

I am about to save you. Be careful not to blink, because you'll miss it.

If you search for four leaf clover jewelry, you can easily find online. Well, maybe. Many sites sell 'real four leaf clover jewelry': , even, has them! But here's the dirty truth.

Many of these 'real' four leaf clovers are not who they say they are.

But there are real clovers out there? So who are these impostors? How can you tell if they are real or fake?

For starters, these impostor clovers are in fact botanical. In truth they are not from the clover family (they are ferns), but these impostor clovers naturally grow four leaves. See? Told ya I'd save you. I'm saving you from buying an unlucky clover. The most common type used for clover jewelry is the water clover.

You know this plant is harvested by some underpaid foreign laborer, dried for several weeks, and then packaged and sold to crafters, or manufacturers. A few days ago I paid a visit to micheals craft store, and I was disgusted. In the pendant section of the jewelry aisle, hung two different types of pendants with this clover in them.

Now, I'm not saying if you just want the look of a perfect clover that you can't buy these by any means. I am however, irritated by the fact that people try to pass these as 'real'. I spend my days crawling over white clover searching for the true lucky clovers, earning less than minimum wage. It's rather insulting that some just effortlessly collects these to pass of as the real deal.

So how do you tell, if you interested in a real clover? Well, this is not always the case, but here's a few possibilities.

  • The clover is perfect portions. I have found some real clovers that are perfect, but they are few and far. If it's a perfect, raise an eyebrow.
  • The clover has color. Clover with red edges are not white clover.
  • The price. My jewelry is really cheap compared to other real clovers, but I'm not making enough off them, and I will charge more when I get better at resin mixing. But rest assured, if it's $20 or under for a necklace, they must have a surplus of those bad boys.

So whether you do or don't care about getting a real clover, It's nice to know the difference.  Now I'm done being superhero. It's your turn. Go save someone else from falling for the 'real' clover claim.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

So many things!

First I want to wish you all a happy thanksgiving! I have so much to be thankful for, so much in fact, that I haven't had time to blog much!

So, I'd love to tell you about everything that's going on, but I do have a 12 pound turkey to cook, rolls to bake, and mash potatos to mash!  So instead, I'm sharing a little family tradition we do for thanksgiving.

Every year, we go to a paint your own pottery studio. I let the kids pick out something small to paint, and I pick out a dinnerware piece to serve our thanksgiving meal on. Two years ago, I made an attempt to paint one at home, and it failed, as I did it with the wrong paint. The following year (last year) we made a turkey platter.

This year, we made a mash potato bowl.  Last year, I forgot to add the year we made the piece, so I remembered to do so this year. All of the dinnerware will have hand print turkeys. I'm hoping though that we will be able to do some pie dishes at some point instead of turkeys, we'll do apple and pumpkin palm prints.

The idea is when the kids are in high school and thereafter, we'll have a full set of serving ware and a memory to go with each piece--a memory to be thankful for.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Poll! Unfinished, or Looks good?

I'm facing a small delimma.

I have these two charms, made from princess buttons. I'm really attracted to the one on the top....... flip them over.

See what I mean? Niether of them a really appealing, but the glitter looks better then the back of the modified button.

Any ideas? Do you like the glitter better? Should I add something  tottally different? Not sure where to go from here....

Monday, August 29, 2011

Vote for my next year's halloween costume!!

A big thankyou to Daree for contibuting the most questions and guessing the correct answer to what my costume will be this year. The correct answer is Mother Gothel! I think she is a brillant character and would be really fun to play! Be sure to catch my updates here on my search for a Mother Gothel Costume.

Everyone played so well, and I'm happily now ready to accept my defeat. You all were able to suggest ideas for next years costumes. I've made it a poll on facebook, so vote and share with your friends! The one with the most votes by Wednesday eveing will be the winner! I'll keep you up on my progess as I make the costume myself, which is a big challange, because I can barely sew! :0)

Here are the options:

1. Wicked Witch: I had to do some research on this, because it's such a general idea; but I'd like to put my own personality to it. So here are some pictures I'm taking insperation from:

Now, I'll be honest with you. I'm not going to handmake a wig! (sorry folks! and FYI I won't be making shoes either! ) I absolutely love this wig, but I think maybe what I will do is dye my hair instead. I love love LOVE this necklace, and I can make something simiular to it!  My witch costume would most definitely be more modest/modern themed. I'm thinking knee length black and purple dress with beading (maybe!) I'm thinking a shrug and a mini witch hat on a headband would also be cute.

This hat is available from bella's boutique on etsy.

2. Princess Zelda

This famous princess would be the first princess I dressed up that is not Disney (Remember Padme was an elected queen, NOT a princess). This one also gives me a bit of freedom as there are many versions of her. My favorite (and perhaps favorite by most) is the twilight princess version.

Thankfully, I already have brown boots (from the padme costume!) and white gloves which I can modify (from my wedding!). Being I have an interest in fabric painting and resin/polymer clay I think I'll be able to design the details quite nicely. I'll make the crown from resin most definetly, I've already got the plans drawn down in my head. :0)

3. Pebbles!

OK I know this is a commercialcostume available, but I promise it will be handmade! I love the leg warmers on this! I think though I would change the skirt to a fluffy tule skirt, and wear tights underneath. Sorry people not going to wear high heels, but I think I can make some cute sandals with polymer clay bones attached to it that would look just as cute. I also think I'd like to add some ribbon to the tunic somewhere, and of course I'll handmake the earrings and possibly the bone bow too. :0)

There you have it! Now get to voting!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween Costume 20 Questions!

If you are just joining me, this week I will be playing 20 questions with everyone this week on my facebook page! I've decided on a costume this year to weay trick or treating with my children.  If I win I get bragging rights!!! If you guys when then you will get to pick my costume for next year- and I'm vowing to make it myself, starting in Januarary (because I'll need that much time) !  I might even throw in an extra treat if you guys really do a good job!

Here are the rules:

1.  Each fan can ask one question per a day. I will answer the top four 'liked' questions the following morning.
2.  Each fan can like as many questions as they wish.
3. Fans who know the answer already are not eligible to play (that's just my husband!)
4. Questions need to be a yes/no answer. All others will be removed.

How to play.

1. Take a look at my facebook page:!/pages/Whimsical-Mai/232573656756213 , and update yourself on the clues.

2. Post your question under the indicated wall's post for that day (hint: it will say something like: post your questions here)

3. Like the questions you want answered.

4. Invite your friends to play to! The more friends you have playing, the better questions you'll have and the quicker you'll get to the answer!

5. Come back each day and play again until Sunday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Let's Play!

School has started for my eldest! It's still summer, but I am thinking of fall, and of course; Halloween! I have a confession, I would be a cosplayer if not for marrying my husband. I love dressing up in costumes. In another dimension I am married to a social reject whose only religion is worshiping video games, and comic-cons. Every year I sew up a few costumes and we have unbelievable adventures!

But, this is the real world, or at least the dimension where my husband won't be caught dead in a costume, and has never been to a comic-con. Neither have I. Not to say we would never go, but...

In this reality, Halloween is my chance to cosplay. I'm going to promise you pictures when I find them; but for now I'm going to share my favorite costumes from previous years.

My first handmade costume (all are made by my mother because I haven't taken the time to learn how to sew properly) is my favorite character Belle from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. Of course, I didn't want the yellow ball gown, which is widely available. Instead I wanted her peasant gown. The blue dress with white apron; complete with a basket and book.

I've had other costumes, but one that stands out in my mind is Padme's outfit from the third episode. I specifically choose this costume because I was pregnant at the time, and didn't want to be another 'pumpkin belly.' No thank you, I'd rather sit at home and miss out. But really who wants to see a pregnant Disney character?

This year, I'm giving my costume choosing power to you!!!!!!!!! Well...sort of.   The last few years I've not dressed up at all, with all the stress since Haley was born I didn't have enough energy! So now, three years later I'd like to take a stab at it, but to make it fun, let's play a game. On my facebook fan page next week, we'll be playing a game of twenty questions! I've already picked out my costume for this year, and you have to guess it. If  you guys (the fans) win, I will:

*Definitely dress up this year
*Post a video or photos of my costume
*Fans get to choose my costume for next year!

If I win, I get bragging rights, and saved from the humiliation of posting a silly video of myself. Rules will be posted here on Friday. Check back soon!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The End of Harry Potter

You all should know by now; I'm not the best at getting around to blogging. :0) So I've been meaning to write about my reaction to the final Harry Potter Movie. Now I'm just getting to it, after weeks of being in theaters.

We went to the Spokane Valley Mall Theater to see it opening weekend, and I have to comment on this: Apparently there was a basketball tournament going on in the parking lot! The parking attendants were telling movie goers that they had to park on the opposite side of the parking lot because the spaces in front of the theater are reserved for those going to the tournament.

Please somebody explain to me:

1. Why you would plan anything in the same place of the theater when a international top movie debuts?
2.  Why was it necessary to place the tournament there, when the parking circles the entire mall and had plenty of space?

Not that I'm complaining, because I'm sure my fat butt can use the exercise. But you would think it would have been common sense?

Anyway. Without spoilers...Harry Potter was so so............GOOD. This one, although darkest of all, was much better than it's counter part from last year. Although I remember skipping through some paragraphs during the first part of the book too. I know they were in hiding for several months, but when it feels like several months before anything exciting happens, I can't help but skip a few paragraphs. Anyway..

I think the only disappointment that I had was my most anticipated moment: When Mrs. Weasley kicks Beatrix's you know what. Of course, being as vivid as my imagination is, I had pictured something entirely different. I would have thought Mrs. Weasley would have more 'surprising power' come out kinda like when Yoda fought Count Duku. I mean, as soon as you saw Yoda drop his stick you knew something amazing was going to take place. Then to see that little guy whip around a man three times his size and basically send him running.....That's what I was expecting. Instead I felt it was more of a pissed mother with no exceptional power who got lucky. It was still nice to see it go down though. I clapped at the end of the scene too, and others followed. :0) First time I ever set off one of those......I should try that more often.

I still want to go back and see it again. Anyone want to pay our babysitter? ;0)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Proud to Believe

"Mommy, are mermaids extinct?" my five year curiosity peeks. Suddenly visions of the planned out "Is Santa Real" explanation comes to a screeching halt. I wasn't prepared for other fantasy explanations.

I clear my throat unsurely, praying I say the right thing.  " No, honey, they are not extinct. But no one knows for sure if they are real. No one has any proof."

Panic and disappointment reaches her angelic face.

"That doesn't mean there isn't any mermaids," I reassure her. "it just means we haven't found them yet. All that matters is what you think."

Hope returns as she exclaims "I will be the first to find one!".

Some might not approve of  allowing my kindergartener to believe in such things. Honestly, I think it's the best thing you can do for a child; teaching them to be open-minded and proud of their beliefs.

In adulthood we are faced with trials of fighting for what we believe in:. our religion, our ethics, and even identity. I can't stress self-confidence enough. It's connected to everything we are. What good does it do when you crush a child's possible reality? They become uncertain, letting others decide for them who they are and what they believe.

I have strong faith in what I believe in. I don't want my children to believe in what I believe unless it's what they want to believe it too. If they decide to follow a specific religion, I hope it's because it's where they feel they belong. Though I am not a follower of a specific belief but my own I study several for the sake of appreciating choices. My children will have those choices and will be proud of their choice.

And if they change their minds, they will be proud of that too. Believing in something is only worth it if you can say that you are not ashamed of what you believed even though you changed your mind. So...I know there will come a time when my five year old will probably not believe in mermaids anymore. That's okay. As long as she is proud to have believed in it for as long as she did.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Whimsical Mai Dot com goes live!

I can't believe it's finally here!!!! My shop is now live on etsy. I'm still taking lots of practice on painting, but will have a few items listed soon. For now, we have four leaf clover items! Enjoy!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Creativity does not come in a box.

I have a juicy secret to share with you; I cannot cook from a box. Honest! Give me five ingredients and I can make a gourmet meal, but hand me a box of macaroni and cheese......diner beware.

I wanted to share this with you because last Sunday I made a famous box meal in one of their 'new' flavors, which let's face it, might as well been a soup by the time I was 'done' cooking.

I can assure you; I read every detail on that stupid box, and measured everything to the tee. I even put the timer on to make sure I cooked it for the required times. But here at the end of the instructions I still had a soup of ground beef, rice, and some sort yellow liquid that should be a cheese sauce.

My husband,  the ying to my yang, can prepare box meals like he invented them. Infact, sometimes (ok, most of the time) the miracle that comes out of the pan looks better than what is pictured on the box. Let's just say that for the most part any boxed meal is prepared by him.

This Sunday's episode of box food gone bad gave me an epiphany. It's not my fault.  I don't do well with box foods because there is not an ounce of opportunity for creativity in following instructions. Measure this, stir that, cook here, and serve there. I suppose that is why when it gets to the cutting and stitching part, I can never stick to the pattern; hence why I have never got into sewing. Manipulating patterns and blending three of them into one is very VERY hard, but for some reason I just can't pick one pattern. I'm sick: I know.

My husband says my version of rice o roni (made from scratch, by my own recipe) tastes exactly like the box kind. But I garentee you, that you give me the box and you'll have burnt mushy rice.  So here's to my husband, the professional box-chef. He probably doesn't have any idea what alumn is, but he can make hamburger helper with his eyes closed.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

New project

Just wanted to give you a quick update! We are visiting family at the moment.. My Grandmother's birthday was also this week, so as a gift I put my rosemaling skills to work.  Here's a picture of the painting (Sorry for the bad quality, it's from my phone!)

Friday, May 20, 2011

Where are the birds?

Last year we had a bird nest in the eves of our covered patio. The nest was very obvious, and we left it alone all winter. This year, the bird is back, and made yet another nest. Last weekend, while doing yard work, I found an egg laying on our decorative rock.

I thought, being it was so carefully placed on the rock that it had safely fallen out of the nest, and my husband had put it on the rock. But he insisted that he didn't even see the egg.

Nevertheless, it proves the bird is back. Aha! The birds do reuse their nests! Not so....the nest was empty. I had to climb up to the eve and look down in the deep Crater of the nest to find it empty. There were no other eggs.

But, alas! a few days ago, you can hear the chirping of little birds in the eves, and mama bird is feverishly hunting for food all day.  But they are not using last year's nest. The trouble is, I see where the bird is, I hear the babies, but it is so deep in the eve, I cannot see the nest.

clever, mama bird, clever. So sorry to say the only picture I have of it is the dud egg.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Practice, Practice, Practice.

Last Saturday I finished my class in Os (ooo. ss.) Rosemaling, and starting my Telemark box. I have to confess I am not a fan of Os, but it is the easiest of rosemaling styles, so I am practicing anyways.

Financing practicing is not always easy. So with mother's day approaching, I decided to do some picture frames. I wanted to share them as soon as I finished it, but I was afraid that the pictures would somehow get back to the recipient.

But I'm pretty sure, that I'm safe now. :0)

I only put flowers on these pieces, but traditional Os is framed in red and white. As I said, I'm not a fan of Os, and I thought the flowers are pretty standing alone.

Now that I'm starting Telemark, I don't expect to be practicing much Os. I still have plenty to practice however, so I suppose many gifts I give this year will be painted ones. :0) Be on the alert, friends, if you have a birthday coming up, you might receive a rosemaled piece- if you are Norwegian or not.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Over the Rainbow

Saturday we had the uncanny chance to see a double rainbow twice. The rainbows were very bright.

I'm not going to get into my superticous thoughts about rainbows right now---I have a feeling you would think I'm nuts (I am not afraid of being precieved as crazy, I just don't want you to know how crazy I am just yet).

 Of course I took my camera out. Unfortunetly I am not a great photographer so I had a hard time getting a good picture.

Nevertheless, it is beautiful on its own anyway. 

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I play the hipocrit

So being such a fan of fantasy and Legends that stem from Great Britian in particular; I'm sure many people would be dumbfounded why I haven't even mentioned Prince Williams marriage to Kate Middleton (I know it is usually the bride that is in the front, but quite frankly, no one would give a damn about who Kate is marrying if it had not been to this particular person).  I have mixed feelings about the subject, but for the most part it, it is this:

Real people do not make the fairytale real.
You don't have to be royalty to have a fantasy love story come true, and who is to say that William and Kate are the true love fairytale anyways? Quite honestly, The story from Princess Diana's wedding to Charles was also considered fairytale-ish. It still ended in divorce, and later on a tragic incident.

What do we really know about this couple? Do we know what makes William grumpy and how Kate brings him back? No?  But, I know how my mother does it with my father. Does Kate ever feel guilty when talking about their problems with one of her girlfriends? I haven't the slightest idea, but I know my friend makes every effort to talk it out with her husband before talking to anyone else. These couples are real.  My point is, every real-life fairytale is just as important as this couple.

William and Kate's fairytale is real to them. But it's just another fairytale to us (In fact, many compare her to Cinderella, right?). 
Your fairytale is more important: because it's real to you.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Painting Heritage

I have a fascination of my Norwegian Heritage. Despite being allergic to cold temperature (It's True!), I love Norway.  When I was young I received my first rosemaling piece. I still have it.

It's broken, but I would never throw it away.  I always liked my pieces, but never had an interest in painting. That is until I saw this.....

Last week I took my first class in rosemaling, and Today I'm painting my first piece! I'm too excited! I can't wait to paint something like this:

Very whimsical, huh?

Friday, April 22, 2011

We found them! We found them!

After a few months of searching: We found them! You know, I felt a little odd at first. If I would run out to the store I would walk over to a patch of grass or weeds and scan the ground. Sometimes, if I found a patch, I would get down on my hands. People probably thought I lost something.

It just so happens that my father in law has a mutated clover patch right off his porch. Go figure (I only wish we went over more often now) .

Eli tried really hard to find them, but she could see them. So I let her hold them instead.

We found 11 four leaf clovers  in that patch. We found a total 15.

Here are some of the clovers we picked ready to press. Now, what to do with them?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Dressup

If they would not get in the way of daily life's chores I would have hundreds of costumes. Mostly princess ones, but I'm guessing I'd have my share of video game and comic book costumes as well.  There is something about dress up to me that makes make believe a little closer to you.  If it weren't for my husband and children, you would probably see me at the comi-con every year just so I could have an extra excuse to wear a costume.

I never had much in the way of dress up clothes as a child. Thankfully, my children have plenty. Hahaha...What was that about never forcing my children to live my dreams?  They actually don't play dress up as often as I would have, but oh well. Some of the costumes grandma has made them makes me jealous. Here are the princess dress my girls got from grandma for Christmas. I've been waiting for the grass to become green again before taking pictures.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pursue your dreams

Yesterday, I took my eldest to Hansel and Gretel performed by the Spokane Children's Theatre. I absolutely love the theatre. I prefer to be performing, but find watching exciting as well.

I have always insisted that I want my children to pursue their own dreams. I may love the theater, and singing, but I would never pressure my children to. I don't like watching basketball at all. If it came to one of my children aspiring to become a NBA player, I'd still support them in their dream.

I explained to my daughter that in a couple years, she will be old enough to participate in theater if she wished. She straight out  told me "I don't want to". I was a small arrow in my heart. I hoped after watching, she would change her mind.  I figured the gingerbread house might change her mind.

We had a good time. I made sure to save some money for concessions, and a souvenir if she wanted one. When it was over, I asked what she thought of the show. "It was okay." She didn't want a souvenir either.

Yep. My heart was officially broken. She said that the song "Put your little foot" was annoying. She said she would rather go to the zoo or chuck e cheese instead.

OK.....perhaps there is some secret part of me that hopes that my children will have the same interests as me. I know there is still room for her to grow into it, but I'd rather encourage her in horse back riding and ballet like she wants (Ironically I'm not fond of horses or ballet).  Afterall, I still have two children who might have an interest when they are older. :0)

Origins: Whimsical Mai, the name

Whilst I'm still pondering about all the wonderful things I wish to share with you, I wanted to take you on the journey of how I came up with with my name "Whimsical Mai". First let me say that I have spent about two months, on and off, rolling ideas in my head over what to be 'called'.

My middle name, is Norwegian; Mai Bente (My_ Bent_ tah).
Up until middle school, I thought it was the coolest middle name in the world. Tween-age certainly did have an effect on my image. During those years, I found a picture of one of the ships my father sailed on,named; you guessed it: Mai Bente. At that point I became resentful that my father wanted me to be named after a ship. Despite my mother's attempts to explain it is a girl's name is Norway; I didn't care. It also belonged to a ship and I didn't want it.

By high school I was ok with the name again, but didn't go boasting about it. Then a turning point took place. As I handed out my senior picture and cards, one of my peers took notice of my middle name in a  way I didn't expect. He grabbed my arm and said "Your middle name is Mai?!" (he pronounced May, although it's pronounced My). I told him, no, it's Mai Bente. Then he told me that he really wanted a daughter to have the middle name May, but spelled M-A-I. I really like that idea, and I like it better pronounced May than My. I've carried that memory with me for a while now.

For my future business I wanted a name that represented me, but also my work. I'm a free spirited type of person when it comes to crafting and interests, so I am really afraid of trying one thing can having to stick to it. I also didn't want something that sounds 'plain'. My mother suggested I name my business "Crystal's Creations." ...but I gag at it, because I know a few people whom have business names like that. It just blends in. I thought of "Crystal's Clayations" which plays on the fact I love working with polymer clay, but I also fought with this one because I didn't want a name that made my main 'business' limited to what I can do with polymer clay (Although there is alot you can do with it).

I wrote down series of ideas and thoughts, and decided that "Whimsical" describes my personality perfectly. Free spirited, fantasy, and enjoyable. I love alitterations so I spent several weeks pondering on ways to play with the word Whimsical, never finding anything satisfactory.

For some reason there are two places I seem to get my best ideas: right before I go to sleep in bed, or in the shower. Both places seem to never be a convenient place to right ideas down (I don't have a bed side table; our room is too small). Nevertheless, when Whimsical Mai came into my mind in the shower, I kept it locked away in my mind long enough to write it down.

I've fallen in love. You know that feeling you get when you find the one? To me, it's not that there isn't anybody else out there (or in this case another name) that suits me well; but rather you stop looking because you've found everything you need and want. I've stopped looking. Whimsical Mai is all I want and need.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring is...uh...Where?

I should be an outside person. Look at any fairytale type story and the setting is always at a castle on the green islands of Great Britain or France. Or some woodsy, flower-y place. I love the appeal of waterfalls and small brooks, over-grown moss.  I have vitamin D deficiency (Many people do actually, get tested!). I should be out soaking in sun whenever possible.

But I've never been an outside person. I don't know why. When I get outside, I'm happier. It's just getting myself out the door that seems to be the problem.  My oldest Loves to be outside. Today is a particularly sunny day so I allowed her to play in the front.

Spring just showed up. The crocuses out in the yard are peaking out so I took the opportunity to take some pictures.

 I also took pictures of the clover plant too.

 Lucky I did because after I downloaded them, I went back outside and.....uh....wait? Where did the flowers go???

Oh, this figures. And so does this........

I suppose I ought to take a lesson from my daughter and enjoy spring.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last night the drama of Arthur and Gwen's releationship continued on Merlin, a series on Sy-Fy. The legend of the King Arthur has infactuated me since middle school. When it first aired in America, I was not happy with some of the untraditional approaches to the storyline. CAUTION: Spoilers ahead.

Most obvious is Merlin and Arthur are the same age, which has never been done in the Arthurian Mythology. Also, Guinevere is a Servant to Morgana, whom we find out in the fourth season is actually King Uther's daughter. In traditional tellings, Merlin is a mentor of Arthur, Guinevere is a daughter of a lord, and Morgana and Arthur share the same mother, but Uther is only father to Arthur.

The nontraditional approach works for the writers. After sticking to it, I've discovered the latest variations keep the legend fresh, and interesting. I find the wardrobes very appealing to my fantasy-side, but it does lack authenticity. Actually I would confess I prefer it that way.

Anyway, I noticed last night that the musical score reflecting the romantic interludes between Arthur and Gwen is quite good. I'm excited that the filming of the fifth season is about to start and look forward to more adventures in the Arthurian story.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Welcome to my world...

Ambitious Girl Brings Fantasy To Life.

That's my story in a nutshell. Ever since I was a little girl, I couldn't help day-dreaming my time away. A pencil, paper and scissors was my favorite toy. It still is, in ways. Writing my thoughts of everything I daydream about makes me feel more organized with daydreaming; it helps take it further.

I'm finally coming into adulthood at the age of 26. You would think I should have already been an adult, being married for seven years, and having three kids, etc...but I'm really not. Until this past year I never considered myself a woman. I thought it sounded too grown-upish. I always called myself a lady. *laugh*.

There was no defining moment for me, when I thought "I'm grown up now". With each day it's been "getting closer..." "Almost there." "Hmmm... I think I'm there..." "OK.  I'm there.". I really thought in my mind that I was so far behind my age, but I can safely say I know some 60-year-olds that haven't grown up as well as I have.

But my adulthood will not crowd out my childish fun. Daydreaming, creating, and bringing fantasy into my everyday life is always going to be here. No matter what. It's that creavtiviy that makes my life worth living. It applies to how I raise my children, who my friends are, what my life is about. It applies to what I write about. It applies with how I connect with you; not my readers, but my fellow whimsical wonderers.

Welcome to my world.....Welcome to Whimsical Mai.