Sunday, August 21, 2011

Halloween Costume 20 Questions!

If you are just joining me, this week I will be playing 20 questions with everyone this week on my facebook page! I've decided on a costume this year to weay trick or treating with my children.  If I win I get bragging rights!!! If you guys when then you will get to pick my costume for next year- and I'm vowing to make it myself, starting in Januarary (because I'll need that much time) !  I might even throw in an extra treat if you guys really do a good job!

Here are the rules:

1.  Each fan can ask one question per a day. I will answer the top four 'liked' questions the following morning.
2.  Each fan can like as many questions as they wish.
3. Fans who know the answer already are not eligible to play (that's just my husband!)
4. Questions need to be a yes/no answer. All others will be removed.

How to play.

1. Take a look at my facebook page:!/pages/Whimsical-Mai/232573656756213 , and update yourself on the clues.

2. Post your question under the indicated wall's post for that day (hint: it will say something like: post your questions here)

3. Like the questions you want answered.

4. Invite your friends to play to! The more friends you have playing, the better questions you'll have and the quicker you'll get to the answer!

5. Come back each day and play again until Sunday!

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