Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The End of Harry Potter

You all should know by now; I'm not the best at getting around to blogging. :0) So I've been meaning to write about my reaction to the final Harry Potter Movie. Now I'm just getting to it, after weeks of being in theaters.

We went to the Spokane Valley Mall Theater to see it opening weekend, and I have to comment on this: Apparently there was a basketball tournament going on in the parking lot! The parking attendants were telling movie goers that they had to park on the opposite side of the parking lot because the spaces in front of the theater are reserved for those going to the tournament.

Please somebody explain to me:

1. Why you would plan anything in the same place of the theater when a international top movie debuts?
2.  Why was it necessary to place the tournament there, when the parking circles the entire mall and had plenty of space?

Not that I'm complaining, because I'm sure my fat butt can use the exercise. But you would think it would have been common sense?

Anyway. Without spoilers...Harry Potter was so so............GOOD. This one, although darkest of all, was much better than it's counter part from last year. Although I remember skipping through some paragraphs during the first part of the book too. I know they were in hiding for several months, but when it feels like several months before anything exciting happens, I can't help but skip a few paragraphs. Anyway..

I think the only disappointment that I had was my most anticipated moment: When Mrs. Weasley kicks Beatrix's you know what. Of course, being as vivid as my imagination is, I had pictured something entirely different. I would have thought Mrs. Weasley would have more 'surprising power' come out kinda like when Yoda fought Count Duku. I mean, as soon as you saw Yoda drop his stick you knew something amazing was going to take place. Then to see that little guy whip around a man three times his size and basically send him running.....That's what I was expecting. Instead I felt it was more of a pissed mother with no exceptional power who got lucky. It was still nice to see it go down though. I clapped at the end of the scene too, and others followed. :0) First time I ever set off one of those......I should try that more often.

I still want to go back and see it again. Anyone want to pay our babysitter? ;0)

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