Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Holidays from My Family!

I really dread doing family pictures.  I really have a appreciation for having them, but making them....that's something entirely different. Scheduling an appointment, getting the children dressed up, loading them up, trying to make them smile, having to come back and pick up the prints.....ugh......

Not to mention that Haley had extreme issues with taking photos in the past. As a baby, she wouldn't even respond to her name, so most of her pictures were looking off in some other direction, not really smiling. By the time she was walking, I was just happy to have her visible in the photograph.

I learned to lower my expectations. My husband and I talked about having a professional photographer do our photos, but in anticipation of a repeat of our last family photos (were only the manager was able to get all three kids together!) we decided a milder environment family snapshot was all we could handle.

Surprisingly, it went well, once I set everything up. I still don't know anything about photography, and I knew the pictures would be dark (our living room, the brightest room, isn't the best). I am pleased to say all the kids posed for the camera. The girls didn't really smile, and Haley kept slouching. But there is five of us in the photo, and it wasn't I am very happy.

Maybe next year we'll do professional, since the children did so well. Happy Holidays!