Monday, January 30, 2012

Color the snow

Most of you have probably heard about filling spray bottles with water and food coloring on a snowy day. You take the kids and make colors in the snow. I wanted to have a little more control with the paint, so I decided to use eye wash bottles (they have smaller openings than dish soap and ketchup bottles.)

I didn't get any pictures of the kids playing with the paint, as I was too busy making sure they painted only the snow.... but I did have a wonder idea for my high school friends who recently got engaged. So what turned out to be playtime for the kids, actually turned out to be playtime for me too (BTW, the inconsistant lighting is due to the fact that I was taking photos in the eveing as the sun was setting.)

I think this would be similar to the idea of drawing on chalk and taking photos, so I'm kind of wondering, if we will get enough snow again for me to do more artwork. I'd like to try something like this!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stepping Out of Comfort

I'm a fairytale enthusiast, I'm not a fan of bittersweet endings, horror movies, or event natural disaster movies. Chuck had it's series finale Friday, to which I'm unsatisfied with the final scene: because it's bittersweet. Last week, I had a friend ask me for ideas on planning her birthday party, which of course, I was more than obliged to help with.

Then she told me the theme. My stomach turned in a knot. SAW. Yep, the horror movie of the physco Jigsaw, and his weird twisted ways of torturing people. I did my best from not ever seeing any movie like it, so I read the synopsis on Wikipedia . I couldn't stop my stomach from turning, I felt so uncomfortable even reading it.

BUT. This would prove to be an ultimate challenge for me. Pushing myself out of the comfortable zone and being creative for someone else. One more step to becoming an event planner!

The biggest problem she had was coming up with games to play. So I thought I would share with you the two games I came up with, and see you all could contribute more ideas!



Barbie Doll (Ken)
A symbolic hacksaw (you can get a mini minder saw at hobby stores, or home improvement stores)
A symbolic pistol
Bowls, or "Drawing Bags"
Index Cards

Object: Find their team's item and the hidden doll or out live the other team.


Count enough index cards (1 per every two guests), and mark an X on just one. Place in one of the drawing bags, and set aside.

With remaining index cards, separate into two piles. On one pile, write riddles or trivia questions. On the other, write out 'loses' (i.e. Your arm is chopped off: tie arm behind back, or acid poured on eyes or in mouth ; blindfolded or must be silent).  Place in another drawing bag.

Hide the saw, the gun, and the doll.

To play:

Separate into two teams, team one will team Adam, the other team Lawrence. Team Adam's object will be to find the pistol, and Lawrence is to find the saw. Ask one riddle/trivia to one of the teams, they have 30 secs to look for their item (more on that later).  If they fail, one of their teammates must die (cannot play anymore). To determine which teammate dies, have the team draw cards from the drawing bag. The person with the X bites the dust!

If the team answers a question correctly, they get 30 secs to search (you may want to adjust the time according to how well the items are hidden. ) for their item. But every time they do get question correct, one teammate must suffer a loss. Again, with the bag containing the 'X' is drawn by each teammate. The one who receives the "X" must draw from the loss bag. Whatever the card says, is what happens to that player.

When the team finds their item, they can then search for the doll (to set him free or kill him)

The end of the game will either be

a) when all players of one team is gone

b) When one team finds their item, and the doll.


This is a pretty simple game, popular at Halloween, but added twist.


handcuffs with keys
Bowls with sensory items (skinned grapes; eyeballs. stewed tomatoes; chopped organs, etc)

Hand cuff together and blindfold two players.  Set one of the bowls in front of them, and drop the keys inside. Tell them they must look for the key and unlock the cuffs before the timer runs out.

It may not be my cup of tea, but I actually do think these games would be fun, and might include them in a Halloween party one day. It was nice to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm still not planning on seeing a horror movie anytime soon.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Why it's the greatest love story. EVER.

Everyone has a favorite. There's no doubt about that. I know why people would argue about why Beauty and The Beast is my favorite story....and why Disney is my favorite version. It came out during my childhood. It was nominated for best picture; it's every one's favorite. I am very much like the character Belle (in interests, not looks). But really; it's not any of that.
I was not planning to have a Beauty and the Beast Themed Wedding, until I saw these invitations. It was probably my biggest splurge aside from the food. Aren't they just beautiful?

The inside of the invitation reads : Love has the power to transform us. Boy, does it ever. Maybe not in the way the beast transformed, but I think there is a greater transformation that happens with true love: You want to be a better person. At least, I do. I feel so unworthy of the love I've been given that each day I strive better to be more deserving of the love I've already received.

In commentary of the 2nd edition of Disney Beauty and The Beast It's explained that the writers of the story struggled for a while of deciding who the story belongs to: Belle, or the The Beast? When based off the old tale, It's clear to see the hero (or heroine as it may be) is Belle. She learns the true beauty is on the inside. Only when Beast is on his death bed that she realizes it.

As the story developed for the animators and writers at Disney, they introduced new characters (such as Mrs. Potts and Cogsworth), new scenarios (such as Gaston, and Belle's love of books), and twists (such as the enchantress an the rose). With all the changes the viewer's attachment shifted from Belle to the Beast. He learns to love, firstly, but also learns how to treat others with respect (as Belle demands this), and change his behaviors. But what I'm most attached to is something some people fail to realize about Beast.

I didn't realize until a visit to Disneyland where I finally met Belle (in her yellow gown) for the first time.  (You know that Disney does intense Character development in these cast members; they have extensive knowledge on who the character is, and how they will act). In our short conversation, I told the cast member that we (my husband and I) are newlyweds. She responded with "You know, Beast has not asked me to marry him yet."

I honestly didn't know what to say; so I scoffed "Oh he's probably just in a bad mood."

She responds "No, he's just really shy, he doesn't mean to seem so put off."

It really made me rethink the entire character in the movie. Suddenly it occurred to me that Beast was never mean, he just didn't know any other way of provoking loyalty other than fear. His demanding Belle to come down to dinner was not because he is bossy, but because he was afraid a request would end in rejection (which it did, but only because Belle did not understand the roots of his behavior either), so he only knew how to demand. I understand his character now, and I have an explanation for every irrational thing he does.

This is beast's story, not of his physical transformation, but his behavioral/emotional transformation.

The musical version transformed the story once again. Beast once again learns how to love, but this time, Belle goes through a transformation of her own. With her head filled with daydreams and fairytale pinning, Beast teaches her that real love takes work but its far better than any fairytale. At the end, when Beast lay dying on the floor, Belle sings "Home" reprise, expressing to him how he has changed her. Belle finally embraces reality as her dream and casts away her pinning for a fairytale.

This speaks volumes to me as I can relate it to my own life: Being the daydreamer and fairytale enthusiast, I only came down to reality when someone (i.e. m husband) showed me real love is better than a fairytale. Love can transform you. That's why this is the greatest love story ever. It feels real.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Penguin Projects

One of my daughter's favorite things is a rubber duck. Her fourth birthday party was themed to rubber duckies, but as Christmas came she has taken on another favorite: Penguins. (Duckies are still her favorite, but she has a newer obsession).

She has a favorite pajama set, which she locates every time it's out of the dryer. By the time she started asking to wear it school, I knew I'd have to expand her penguin attire.

So this morning I did some doodling with my tri-chem pens. You only need four items to do this project:

White knit t-shirt
knit sticker
Tri chem black softlyflo paint
Tri Chem orange softlyflo paint

I started drawing a circle for the head, and an egg shape for the body. I added a little more definition to he bottom of the body. Two dots for the eyes, triangles for the wings, a triangle for the beak, and triangles for feet.

Turned out pretty cute IMO.

She's still sleeping at the moment, but I can't wait to show it to her: I'm sure she'll want to wear it to school.

Monday, January 23, 2012

The Lion's Hand

I've been thinking about doing a handprint section in my store, and I finally got down to business. I went out and purchased canvases, and started drafting ideas. This one my daughter and I made last night, and it turned out great! You can have one made by me, and your little one (correspondence by mail) just drop me some mail at or stop by my etsy store!

Of course if you want a plain jane one to do yourself, here are some sneak peeks behind how to do it!

Start with your background painted. Note that mine has little grass sprigs on the horizon.

Place the yellow hand prints off center, they need to be behind the orange, and I personally like the orange part of the mane to be centered.

Place the orange prints between the yellow, giving you a total of eight handprints.

Add the face, shading, and details, and you're done!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Love to Party!

I have to say, I love this idea of a banner. Valentine's day hits at the tail end of winter, but it takes a little bit of creativity to put both together! Now I'm dreaming of a snowflake valentines party!!!!!!! hmmm.......:0)

love banner

Sew Not Easy!

Sew Saturday is brought late to you today because quite frankly, I never got off my bottom to pull my machine out, but I will be doing lots more sewing today in prep for next week. My first project is to sew on an applique, hence learning to sew a straight and curved line.

Last Thursday Rusty discovered one of Haley's pants has a rip in the knee and I said perfect! I can sew a patch on that!

Of course, I always have to make a challenge harder than it is. Sewing a patch on a small child's pant leg makes it harder to keep everything straight. I couldn't use the sleeve arm because the leg opening was too small so I had to turn the garment inside out.

Of course, when fabric bunched up, I couldn't move forward. Which results in inconsistent stitches.

Also, I couldn't put in alot of pins, and I couldn't see much of the patch so I had know idea where I was sewing....or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing.... either way, it ended up like this:

LOL. I've got more practicing to do.......maybe on something a little easier.

Friday, January 20, 2012

My favorite things

Without a doubt, you know I have a Beauty and the Beast collection, so I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces with you!

The rose from the broadway performance in New York. It's the first everlasting rose (and the last) my husband ever gave me, and rest comfortable in the center of my Beauty and the Beast display.

Desk Set- Oddly enough, I was unaware (or perhaps forgot) that there is a rose address box...which I don't have. Now I want it! I bought these all off of ebay because I wasn't quick enough to buy them when they went for sale on

10th anniversary doll- I actually remember looking at this doll several times on my lunch break just fighting with myself. I knew I didn't need another princess doll...but I have to say... I'm glad I did!

Belle bank- I know. It's cheap, it's plastic, and I bought it from walmart! BUT.......when else have you seen her wearing her green dress?! I mean, yellow is easy. Blue and pink are available. It's rare to see her in green, so this one stays forever!

Despite the fact that I still have many lenox statues and brass key dolls, I've become very picky about what I had to my collection. Here are a couple things I'm keeping an eye on...

Madmine Alexander Doll- I am sewing a life size version of this dress some day. That's a promise.

Miniature Castle- I already have one, but it's missing pieces and damaged from my kids playing with it. I bought at the Disney store while I was still in high school. I spent $40 and I have seen it on ebay from time to time, but if I see it again, I'm buying it--and putting it were it will never get broken!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowed In

This week I've decided to lock myself up. Heavy snow is coming, and I'm not exactly looking forward to it. I ran errands at the beginning of the week for groceries, and some craft items. The snow started yesterday, and I can tell from the dim light this morning that we do have a descent amount added overnight.

So here are my updates!

1. Trichem- My stuff came in yesterday and I'm going to be practicing like mad. I'm reading the instructor manual and can't wait to absorb all the information

2. I finally completed a mid length class on zumba 2. I had to do it when Haley was at school and Tyler was taking his nap though. I could still feel burn from the day before workout, but pushed through. Today I have that satisfied tired feeling in the muscles, and guess what; I think I'm going to workout today too.

3. I've been organizing all week. So far I've managed to separate all the "keep" toys from the 'decide what to do with toys'. Let me tell you: No easy task!  Most of what I can sell I will sell in Just Between Friends, so I'm glad to start early. Before I know it, it will be here!

4. I am *looking* at my sewing stuff every day. I just haven't found the time to buckle down and do it! Ack!

5. I'm making my play dates a regular thing again. I'm so desperate for friendship. (I know, I can't believe I'm writing this for everyone to read). I  had a date with a friend yesterday, last week, and I have one next week too!

I am looking forward to next month: Rusty gets off swing shift, and I start my photography class. Valentines days is coming and I'm glad! It means I'm gonna stay busy! Tomorrow I'll be posting more about Beauty and the Beast, and you don't want to miss this!!!!! See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More Necklaces

Things are buzzing right along in the shop now, I'm hoping my lockets come in very soon as I am getting requests for them!  Now I want to share my bookmarks that were listed this weekend! You can see them all at

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Favorite tools from trichem

Getting started in a new hobby can be expensive, but it doesnt have to be! You only need a few tools to get start with paint embroidery.

Essentially, you really only need paint pens and your project piece, but if you are going to go past flat cotton fabric and drawing doodles you'll need a few more things.

embroidery patterns- If you aren't great at freehand, this is a given

paint embroidery hoop- It keeps you fabric steady, and makes it easier to apply paint

Knit sticker- If you are doing knit fabrics (like those soft cotton t shirts)

Honestly it does depend on what projects you're doing as well, but this is a good start. I wish trichem had better pictures, something I intend to change once my stuff arrives (which BTW I'm expecting any day!!!!)

Monday, January 16, 2012

A hurdle to my plans

Hey guys!

If you haven't noticed, there was no post Saturday, and that's because I've been struggling with my machine. If I dig back in memory far enough, I always have; ever since I got the thing in 2006. It is a cheapie. costing less that $125 total, but I honestly can't remember how much.

Anyways, after reading the books I purchased, and trying to adjust my machines tension several times, many of my good sewer contacts have told me they believe it's worn out. I'm literally sick over it; I was planning on spending my christmas money on good scissors, and a good iron (The two most important things in sewing I've learned.)

But Obviously, if I can't sew, they do me no good.

So tune in tomorrow I'll be taking a breaking from sewing to talk about more trichem!


WE FIXED IT! Actually it wasn't broken at all~! Haha! I just took the time to read the manual front to the back and got it working just fine! LOL!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Tale as Old as Time!

Back to Fairytale Friday! Boy Have I been looking forward to this day!!!! All week I watched clips on youtube of off broadway "Beauty and the Beast", and I have to say I'm so excited to see it live Januarary 28th!

I'm going to share with you a couple treasuries related to beauty and the beast, but first, I also wish to talk about a song from the production which is very specail to me: A Change in Me.  I completely forgot about this song until I was researching the musical last week, and one website recommended we listen to Ashley Browns version which you can hear here.

This song speaks to me on so many different levels, and I honestly can say I'm not a fan of the melody, the message relates so much to my life, I've adopted it as my life's song. (I have a song for me and husband, and one for each of my children, and even for my former's mother group.)

The song is about giving up your fantasy dreams (I never thought I'd leave behind my childhood dreams) and jumping on board to reality (but I don't mind, for now I love the world I see) .  It also talks of being proud of who you were ( though who I used to be, I still depend on) ,  and being proud of who you are (I'm where and who I want to be).  I know I'll never lose my childhood dreams, they will always be there, but I've gladly handed them over; because the things in my real life are so worth the exchange.

Anyways, I really need to find a way to make this into a ringtone and add it to my phone......

moving on.

I browsed some Etsy treasuries the other day, looking specifically for Beauty and the Beast Themed Treasuries. I favorited two of them, planning to feature them here, but to my dismay I went to retrieve them today and only one was there! I am dissappointed as I'm sure it was an old treasury and the artist removed it, but I liked it for a few reasons:

1. It did not have a copyright character in it.. No disney! Although I love Disney's version through and through I am not a fan of those who use copyright character without a copyright aggreement (which is done frequently on etsy) , and so I really appreciate those who go the extra mile to make it copyright free.

2. It was color coordinated. Even more difficult!

3.  It was inventive. There were things I wouldn't even thought about putting in it!

I'm so sad I don't get to share this one with you! BUT what I can share is this one:

I wish craftcult would have worked in making a widget for this treasury, so reason it didn't like it! I love how they took just a line of the song annd used it as inspiration!

Here is the treasury I made:

Now, in reflection of the fact that I still wanted one more treasury but could find one, I thought that I would leave the challange to you!!!! Infact I'm so inclined I am willing to offer a prize: a hand painted vase themed to Beauty and the Beast! Here is how to enter:

*Create a Treasury

*Treasuries must be themed in some way to beauty and the beast; the story, not neccesarily Disney.

* Try to have good color flow

* You must tag it with "whimsicalmai blog" and let everyone know on the text box that you are entering a challange on Whimsicalmai blogspot. - this is how I will find them and contact you if you win!

You can start building treasuries now, winners will be announced AFTER I see the tour performance. All details to follow

Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Years Resolution or bucket list?

I have a huge bucket list. I can't even tell you when I started this. I know for a fact that it was in elementary school. I daydream A LOT. I used to get in heaps of trouble for it in school. There are just too many possibilites for life not to daydream and not have a bucket list. Personally those that don't have one seem crazy to me!

I don't particularly like the idea of new year resolutions- I don't think it's proper to set a goal for a specific 'start date'-- why not start now? If you wanna do it, then DO IT!

Ironically, I do have goals set for this year:

I would really like to learn to sew, esp since I'm making my Halloween costume this year. I'd really like to get my last two kids potty-trained. I want to get my business running well- Hopefully be asked to help plan some sort of an event to get experience under my belt. I know that all these goals are plenty of work, and costing time and money. And I guess you could say they are 'resolutions' for the new year.

So what do you think? Do you have a bucket list? A new year's resolution?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Workshop! Sketches!

I have two sketches to share with you, please keep in mind, these are very rough. While I'm anticipating my trichem stuff to arrive, I am doodling ideas of designs I can paint. This past week, my middle child, decided she really wanted to go to school in her pjs....her penguin pjs, and it was a big fight to get her to wear something else.

I told my mother that if we find some penguin fabric or a shirt with penguins on it, that I would like to get one for her, as she apparently is going through a stage of loving penguins. (I think she just loves birds in general).  Then it hit me that I could just design something and use my pens to add onto a blank shirt she has!!

So here's the begining drawing for that.

Also, I started drafting my wedding peacocks onto here is that one as well!!

I have been posted several items in my shop this week, so be sure to check those out too. :0) That's what's going on in the shop! :0)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memory Game Tiles

I have three kids. Two are in school part time. The bring home plenty of paper, I swear, I think the piles actually double when I am not looking. This is why I have a strange aversion to paper. Any craft that we do in paper, gets ripped, worn, stained, etc. Not to mention when it's a really cute craft, I'm saddened when it's ruined. That's why I'm very attracted to study "keepsake crafts". 

When I first saw the idea of a homemade memory game, the instructions use laminated paper. Of course, this inspiried my own version. It's fun and simple to, with only a few supplies needed.

Memory Game Tiles


16-24  wood cut outs
16-24 srickers small enough to fit on tile (or cut to fit)
Acrylic Gloss Spray


1. Prepare the wood tiles by sanding the front, back and edges until smooth.

2. Pick one matching desgin to apply to two of the tiles.

3. Once every thing is secure and smooth, follow directions to coat with arcrylic spray. (Please do so without the children!)

4. Repeat step three at least 3 more times.

IDEAS: Think about using other mediums such as rub-on-transfers, or painting shapes or decopauge on to the tiles!

To play:
Arrange all tiles upside down. Player 1 flips over two tiles. If they are the same, they get another turn. If not, those tiles get flipped back over, and player 2 gets a chance.  The object of the game is to collect as many matches as you can before the tiles run out!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I hope to spend Mondays focusing on children's keepsake crafts, but I'm just about ready to head to bed after watching my new favorite show; Once Upon a Time. I know it may seem predictable for someone like me to be a huge fan so early on, but I really have to say that the storyline is so good, I highly doubt that anyone who watches it can say it's horrible.

Once Upon a Time airs on ABC Sundays at eight pm. Most stories center around the evil queen from snow white (Alter ego: Regina Mills) and the evil character of Rumpelstiltskin (alter ego : Mr. Gold). They show bits and pieces from their past lives in the fantasy land and their new 'real' life in storybook Maine. In the real 'life' there are also two other main characters: Emma Swan and Henry Mills.

Without giving away spoilers, My only comment to the progression of the story outlining these characters is fresh and brilliant. Last night's episode gave the back story of how Rumpelstiltskin came to be. There are many other stories which find a clever way to include his involvement in past (and I might say future episodes). I am fascinated with his character because he seems to teeter on the edge of good vrs. bad.

Most people I speak to insist he is bad, but I have a good feeling deep down that he has had this all planned from the beginning from the day he got 'cursed'. If I dare say it, I would like to spoil a bit the show in exchange for making some guesses:

1. The entire town (Save for Mayor Regina Mills) has no memory of who they were. I really think that Mr. Gold knows. One reason I believe this is a deal he made wit the queen that whenever he uses the word please she must obey. This is his curse that he gave to the queen after all. I think he gave it her on purpose (see reason 2).

2. Rumpelstiltskin made a deal with the evil queen to live a satisfying life within the curse; which the queen agreed to.

3. Rumpelstiltskin asked snow white for her child's name (Emma) as part of a deal. This is obviously in prep for meeting the savor after the curse sends them to storybook.

4. Emma now owes Mr. Gold a favor since making a deal with him. I believe this favor will come to play either at the end of season one or the series finale. My gut tells me series finale only because I believe Mr. Gold will ask the same request he asked the queen about his new life in the fairytale world.

Obviously you'll have to tune in to see if my predictions become true, so join my anticipation on Sundays at eight to see what I'm talking about. Tomorrow I will replace my trichem update with my children's craft. My trichem update will be combined with my workshop post on Wed! Until then!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Coming Home Party

While I'm trying not to focus too much on it, there is a chance that my family will be finally moving back to our home area. I can't tell you how excited I am about it, but we've had this come and go before, so I'm really just sitting silently waiting for answer ( I really don't want to say anything to jinx this chance so mums the word!).

Today I had planned to write about a children's theme of some sort. Through my blog surfing I found a party theme on kate landers events that resonated with me, and I had to respond to it! The first picture in the post was of ruby red slippers with a tag: "There's no place like home." It didn't surprise me that the designer comes straight from Etsy!

*picture and product credit to The Tomcat Studio on Etsy.

I have to say, my heart skipped a beat. Isn't this just right up my alley? So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to some wonderful shops on Etsy that make a wizard of oz party really come to life!

Candy Wrappers
*picture and product credit to Twinkle Little Party on Etsy

 Applique set
These are really cute on jeans, but I think they would be great on a table cloth!!!!!
*picture and product credited to I'm Born Again

Designer Chocolate Oreos
*picture and product credit to Sweeties by Kim on Etsy

Event Banner

*picture and product credit to Vintage Green Limited on Etsy

While I won't be planning a coming home party yet, this theme will definitely be on the back burner; just in case. It's going to an interesting year!

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Sew Saturdays: The Beginging

So, here's the deal with my promise to you guys about my halloween costume! If I'm going to hand make everything (except for maybe smalle details like the ears, and shoes), I need to learn how to sew. I've always known, if I learn how to sew, it will be for costumes, as I love dressing up! So, I took my christmas money, and bought some supplies and books (which are on thier way and should be here soon!). Here are the books I've coughed up money for, hopefully they'll be worth it!

The Complete Photo Guide to Sewing by singer - This one I actually as a gift from my parents last year.
Sewing A-Z by Nancy Sieman - This one I checked out from the library
Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp - I bought this from and have high hopes for this one! Sadly, Amazon is waiting to mail this one because it is out of stock. So I might not have it for a short while.
Stitch by Sitch by Deborah Moebes- I also have hopes for this one, which I purchased from
1-2-3 SEW by Ellen Baker - I don't expect this to give me alot of versitility in techniques, but it has numerous short time projects that would be wonderful for trichem projects. So I picked this one up.
I'll be starting on the crown of my costume this week, but the major sewing fort he dress will wait until summer. In the meantime i'll be sharing some of my little projects with you. You can buy the books below if you are interested in following along with my projects and add your input.

I can't wait to get my hands on these books! I'll update you next week on how I'm setting up my room for sewing, so stay tuned!

Friday, January 6, 2012

Fairytale Friday: Beauty and the Beast

Where would my life be without fairy tales?  I'd be a very lost person! This is why every Friday, I've dubbed 'Fairytale Friday". Each month I will focus on one fairytale. I pick Beauty and the Beast this month, for several reasons: 1. It's my favorite; 2. Disney releases the 3D version January 13th.; 3. My husband bought me tickets to see it off Broadway January 28th.

Beauty and the Beast is a classic "beauty is on the inside" story. A woman overcomes the exterior looks of the beast, falls in love with him, and breaks the spell revealing he is a prince. It is a french love story, dating as far back as the 1700s.

Most versions have the same events:

A wealthy merchant, his three daughters, are forced to move to a farm house after their fortune is lost at sea.  By chance a ship does return, and the Merchant goes to port to see if they can reclaim their fortune. The two elder daughters request gifts of value, dresses,  and Belle (the youngest) requests a rose. The merchant goes to port to find out that he is still poor, and cannot buy the gifts for his daughters. During his trip home, he finds himself in a castle with seemingly no occupants, and yet he is anonymously feed, and sheltered for the night. Before he leaves he sees the castle garden he picks a rose for beauty.

Enraged, the castle owner (the beast) reveals himself only to kill the merchant for taking his most prized possession. When the merchant explains, the beast agrees to let him go home only to say goodbye. He should return to the castle prepared to die, or bring with him one of his daughters to live with the beast; by her own accord.

When Belle hears of this, to her father's dismay, she insists on going with him. Once settled in, she dines with the beast every night. At the end of dinner, he offers her a rose, and asks "Do you love me, and will you marry me?" Repeatedly she refuses,  and retires to her room. While sleeping, Belle dreams of the same prince every night while staying at the castle.

Eventually, Belle is allowed to go home to visit her family. She is gifted a mirror: to use to look back at the castle, and a ring (to bring her back to the castle), and many riches to give to her family.  She does not dream of the prince during her stay with her family, and forgets her promise to the beast to return in a month's time. Finally a dream reminds her, and she rushes back to the castle to find Beast dying near the rose bushes.

At this point, he asks her one last time if she loves him and if she will marry him, and she says yes. This breaks the spell, and Belle finds her prince is actually the beast. They are married and live happily ever after.

Please stay tuned as in future Fridays, I'll take you through some verisons I'm familiar with, Etsy inspired treasuries, and much more!!!!!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm All Grown Up

Not too long ago, I grew up. I'm talking like a few weeks ago, not too long ago. I know some people consider themselves adults as soon at they are 18, but I didn't. In fact, in some ways I barely felt like a teenager. Ironic, that at nineteen I felt old enough to get married, but didn't consider myself a young woman.

There are a lot of reasons why I considered myself this way, but a major reason lasted up until this past year. I left my life up to those around me. I did what my mother wanted me to do, what my father told me what to do, what my husband hoped I'd do. Some of the choices and actions I did were for myself, but honestly the choices and actions I made that stuck with me are the ones I did at someone else's will.

In high school  I took a trip with the band to Disneyland for Magic in Music Days. I did colorguard; we were originally planning to be in the parade. Plans changed, and the band was going to perform on stage, but I had already raised all my money to go. What was wonderful about the trip, was we went back stage. I was in total awe. I saw the warehouses holding floats and storage crates, areas where performers waited to enter, and even tinkerbell's cable landing area  (when she 'flies' over the castle during the fireworks).

The cast member that greeted us, also stayed with us for a short time (myself and another colorguard member) while the band performed. We got to ask her questions about her job: Event coordinator. She helps plans events like magic in music days, Christmas events, Special performances, etc. I knew then that this is what I want to do.

There isn't a specific degree for it (Although Business Management does help), in fact, many event coordinators work their way up. I don't specifically remember telling my dad, but I knew what his opinion would be. This is a "fun job", not a real job. I also knew that he would not be the only one with this opinion. So I continued searching for my career path.

It didn't matter what I'd start studying, I dreamed often of being an event coordinator somewhere. I felt confused, couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a 'real' job, or my dream job.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I was drafting ideas for my etsy shop that I made a decision. I should do the job I feel at home at, and not care what other people think. It gives me a clear pathway for the shop's development and my future. I honestly don't care what area of event planning that I go into, I love it all. It feels so good to grow up.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

In the Workshop

This week I'm finishing up all my jewelry items for Valentine's and St. Patricks day. They will be listed later on this month. I'd like to share more pictures with you, but for now all I have is this one of my bookmarks, which I shared last week with my facebook fans.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Trying out Trichem

Last year, I discovered my love of painting, especially umbrellas. For the longest time, I painted umbrellas for friends. My favorites are still the umbrellas I painted for my girls: a peacock for Elizabeth and a heart design for Haley.

To write the names, I found Paint tubes the best, but unfortunately the only paint tubes available in craft stores are oil-based. I happen to be allergic to these. My mom bought all my paint tubes from me when I discovered this. Back in the day, Trichem was a major supplier for paint tubes. This is a home party consultant business type of product, so it's not available in stores.

Most peers my age seem to have never heard of trichem, or if they have, they know it because their mother or grandmother did it. To be honest, when I think of trichem products I think of silk screen looking shirts like this:

Meh. I can see my grandmother wearing this, maybe even my mother (possibly). Infact, looking at Trichem's website even makes me uninspired. Thank goodness that I have imagination and desire to decorate beyong the average box t-shirt.

The great thing about trichem is their paints are all water based (no odors) and safe to use. I have to say, I'm thoroughly addicted.

I got a bunch of tirchem products for Christmas, and I'm ordering the instructor kit soon, to start holding parties in march. I'll be posting weekly updates on business with trichem, but one thing in my head is clear: It's time to bring trichem to a younger generation in a way they can appreciate it!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Hold the peanutbutter Birdseed blocks

Over the course of the holidays, I struggled to decide what the children would give to their teachers for Christmas. Last year I didn't do a single thing, as I was totally wrapped up in my own little drama. This year I really wanted to make an effort.

I really want to buy the wooden birdhouses at the dollar/craft stores and stick bird seed on them, and then shrink wrap, but my wallet was already screaming and giving all of Haley's teachers (she has nine at the school and two at the center!) plus bus drivers and assistants (five including Eli's driver), I was getting close to shelling out $20 just for the houses alone.

Another problem is the fact that most birdseed feeders involve peanut butter. Both of the girl's classrooms have a strict no peanut butter rule. So after a little research (and a lot of convincing myself) I settled for taking a leap of faith and omitted the peanut butter from a recipe which included coconut oil.

Coconut oil, for those who don't know, looks like white shortening, but has a grainy consistency. At first I attempted to use half oil, and half birdseed of equal measurements. Basically you melt the oil and mix the birdseed in. The problem, as it turned out to be is birdseed is very heavy, and you will wind up with oil on the top. I just kept adding birdseed when I saw more oil.

We tried shaping  by placing foil sheets around the edge of each cookie cutter. It worked for the most part, but I wanted something faster so I settled for muffin tins after the first try (The thought has occur ed to me that next time I will use my silicone jello shapes, as they will be more decorative).

Once you fill up the holes part way I put a looped ribbon in the center and layer more seed mixture on top, keeping the ribbon in the center, and upright. Once filled, leave in the freezer for 20 mins. Then just like jello, run hot water on the bottom of the pan, and pull the feeders out!

The oil doesn't firm up right away, so you can easily let this cool til kids can safely handle it. The end result, was cheap, I spent $10 and was able to give all teachers a gift. These are meant for outside feeders during the wintertime, as heat will melt the oil. I plan to make more for valentines day, now that I have the silicone jello mold idea.