Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From the Workshop! Sketches!

I have two sketches to share with you, please keep in mind, these are very rough. While I'm anticipating my trichem stuff to arrive, I am doodling ideas of designs I can paint. This past week, my middle child, decided she really wanted to go to school in her pjs....her penguin pjs, and it was a big fight to get her to wear something else.

I told my mother that if we find some penguin fabric or a shirt with penguins on it, that I would like to get one for her, as she apparently is going through a stage of loving penguins. (I think she just loves birds in general).  Then it hit me that I could just design something and use my pens to add onto a blank shirt she has!!

So here's the begining drawing for that.

Also, I started drafting my wedding peacocks onto here is that one as well!!

I have been posted several items in my shop this week, so be sure to check those out too. :0) That's what's going on in the shop! :0)

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