Sunday, January 29, 2012

Stepping Out of Comfort

I'm a fairytale enthusiast, I'm not a fan of bittersweet endings, horror movies, or event natural disaster movies. Chuck had it's series finale Friday, to which I'm unsatisfied with the final scene: because it's bittersweet. Last week, I had a friend ask me for ideas on planning her birthday party, which of course, I was more than obliged to help with.

Then she told me the theme. My stomach turned in a knot. SAW. Yep, the horror movie of the physco Jigsaw, and his weird twisted ways of torturing people. I did my best from not ever seeing any movie like it, so I read the synopsis on Wikipedia . I couldn't stop my stomach from turning, I felt so uncomfortable even reading it.

BUT. This would prove to be an ultimate challenge for me. Pushing myself out of the comfortable zone and being creative for someone else. One more step to becoming an event planner!

The biggest problem she had was coming up with games to play. So I thought I would share with you the two games I came up with, and see you all could contribute more ideas!



Barbie Doll (Ken)
A symbolic hacksaw (you can get a mini minder saw at hobby stores, or home improvement stores)
A symbolic pistol
Bowls, or "Drawing Bags"
Index Cards

Object: Find their team's item and the hidden doll or out live the other team.


Count enough index cards (1 per every two guests), and mark an X on just one. Place in one of the drawing bags, and set aside.

With remaining index cards, separate into two piles. On one pile, write riddles or trivia questions. On the other, write out 'loses' (i.e. Your arm is chopped off: tie arm behind back, or acid poured on eyes or in mouth ; blindfolded or must be silent).  Place in another drawing bag.

Hide the saw, the gun, and the doll.

To play:

Separate into two teams, team one will team Adam, the other team Lawrence. Team Adam's object will be to find the pistol, and Lawrence is to find the saw. Ask one riddle/trivia to one of the teams, they have 30 secs to look for their item (more on that later).  If they fail, one of their teammates must die (cannot play anymore). To determine which teammate dies, have the team draw cards from the drawing bag. The person with the X bites the dust!

If the team answers a question correctly, they get 30 secs to search (you may want to adjust the time according to how well the items are hidden. ) for their item. But every time they do get question correct, one teammate must suffer a loss. Again, with the bag containing the 'X' is drawn by each teammate. The one who receives the "X" must draw from the loss bag. Whatever the card says, is what happens to that player.

When the team finds their item, they can then search for the doll (to set him free or kill him)

The end of the game will either be

a) when all players of one team is gone

b) When one team finds their item, and the doll.


This is a pretty simple game, popular at Halloween, but added twist.


handcuffs with keys
Bowls with sensory items (skinned grapes; eyeballs. stewed tomatoes; chopped organs, etc)

Hand cuff together and blindfold two players.  Set one of the bowls in front of them, and drop the keys inside. Tell them they must look for the key and unlock the cuffs before the timer runs out.

It may not be my cup of tea, but I actually do think these games would be fun, and might include them in a Halloween party one day. It was nice to get out of my comfort zone, but I'm still not planning on seeing a horror movie anytime soon.

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