Monday, January 9, 2012

Once Upon a Time

I hope to spend Mondays focusing on children's keepsake crafts, but I'm just about ready to head to bed after watching my new favorite show; Once Upon a Time. I know it may seem predictable for someone like me to be a huge fan so early on, but I really have to say that the storyline is so good, I highly doubt that anyone who watches it can say it's horrible.

Once Upon a Time airs on ABC Sundays at eight pm. Most stories center around the evil queen from snow white (Alter ego: Regina Mills) and the evil character of Rumpelstiltskin (alter ego : Mr. Gold). They show bits and pieces from their past lives in the fantasy land and their new 'real' life in storybook Maine. In the real 'life' there are also two other main characters: Emma Swan and Henry Mills.

Without giving away spoilers, My only comment to the progression of the story outlining these characters is fresh and brilliant. Last night's episode gave the back story of how Rumpelstiltskin came to be. There are many other stories which find a clever way to include his involvement in past (and I might say future episodes). I am fascinated with his character because he seems to teeter on the edge of good vrs. bad.

Most people I speak to insist he is bad, but I have a good feeling deep down that he has had this all planned from the beginning from the day he got 'cursed'. If I dare say it, I would like to spoil a bit the show in exchange for making some guesses:

1. The entire town (Save for Mayor Regina Mills) has no memory of who they were. I really think that Mr. Gold knows. One reason I believe this is a deal he made wit the queen that whenever he uses the word please she must obey. This is his curse that he gave to the queen after all. I think he gave it her on purpose (see reason 2).

2. Rumpelstiltskin made a deal with the evil queen to live a satisfying life within the curse; which the queen agreed to.

3. Rumpelstiltskin asked snow white for her child's name (Emma) as part of a deal. This is obviously in prep for meeting the savor after the curse sends them to storybook.

4. Emma now owes Mr. Gold a favor since making a deal with him. I believe this favor will come to play either at the end of season one or the series finale. My gut tells me series finale only because I believe Mr. Gold will ask the same request he asked the queen about his new life in the fairytale world.

Obviously you'll have to tune in to see if my predictions become true, so join my anticipation on Sundays at eight to see what I'm talking about. Tomorrow I will replace my trichem update with my children's craft. My trichem update will be combined with my workshop post on Wed! Until then!

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