Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sew Not Easy!

Sew Saturday is brought late to you today because quite frankly, I never got off my bottom to pull my machine out, but I will be doing lots more sewing today in prep for next week. My first project is to sew on an applique, hence learning to sew a straight and curved line.

Last Thursday Rusty discovered one of Haley's pants has a rip in the knee and I said perfect! I can sew a patch on that!

Of course, I always have to make a challenge harder than it is. Sewing a patch on a small child's pant leg makes it harder to keep everything straight. I couldn't use the sleeve arm because the leg opening was too small so I had to turn the garment inside out.

Of course, when fabric bunched up, I couldn't move forward. Which results in inconsistent stitches.

Also, I couldn't put in alot of pins, and I couldn't see much of the patch so I had know idea where I was sewing....or maybe I just don't know what I'm doing.... either way, it ended up like this:

LOL. I've got more practicing to do.......maybe on something a little easier.

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