Thursday, January 5, 2012

I'm All Grown Up

Not too long ago, I grew up. I'm talking like a few weeks ago, not too long ago. I know some people consider themselves adults as soon at they are 18, but I didn't. In fact, in some ways I barely felt like a teenager. Ironic, that at nineteen I felt old enough to get married, but didn't consider myself a young woman.

There are a lot of reasons why I considered myself this way, but a major reason lasted up until this past year. I left my life up to those around me. I did what my mother wanted me to do, what my father told me what to do, what my husband hoped I'd do. Some of the choices and actions I did were for myself, but honestly the choices and actions I made that stuck with me are the ones I did at someone else's will.

In high school  I took a trip with the band to Disneyland for Magic in Music Days. I did colorguard; we were originally planning to be in the parade. Plans changed, and the band was going to perform on stage, but I had already raised all my money to go. What was wonderful about the trip, was we went back stage. I was in total awe. I saw the warehouses holding floats and storage crates, areas where performers waited to enter, and even tinkerbell's cable landing area  (when she 'flies' over the castle during the fireworks).

The cast member that greeted us, also stayed with us for a short time (myself and another colorguard member) while the band performed. We got to ask her questions about her job: Event coordinator. She helps plans events like magic in music days, Christmas events, Special performances, etc. I knew then that this is what I want to do.

There isn't a specific degree for it (Although Business Management does help), in fact, many event coordinators work their way up. I don't specifically remember telling my dad, but I knew what his opinion would be. This is a "fun job", not a real job. I also knew that he would not be the only one with this opinion. So I continued searching for my career path.

It didn't matter what I'd start studying, I dreamed often of being an event coordinator somewhere. I felt confused, couldn't make up my mind if I wanted a 'real' job, or my dream job.

It wasn't until a few weeks ago, when I was drafting ideas for my etsy shop that I made a decision. I should do the job I feel at home at, and not care what other people think. It gives me a clear pathway for the shop's development and my future. I honestly don't care what area of event planning that I go into, I love it all. It feels so good to grow up.

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