Sunday, January 1, 2012

Pretty pretty peacock

Last year I discovered a wedding theme craze of peacock feathers. Does anyone else find it ironic that peacocks mimic the attributes of bridezillas? I do anyways. Still there is something very alluring about a peacock themed wedding. I've been doodling peacock designs for the release of my peacock items coming later this year, but while those are still in the beginning of development, I've been researching previous peacock themed events.

I must say, that I've seen some gorgeous peacock themes. I've also seen some horribly lousy ones. Peacocks are such a popular idea that there is much to choose from. While most items are beautiful by themselves, they can be ruined when your theme doesn't balance with your color palette. Here's some tips to make sure your peacock theme remains elegant and graceful.

1. Color scheme: PLEASE stay true to your color scheme. If you want the peacock feather to be predominate, peacock blue and green should be our predominate colors with accents of brown. Should you use purple (which is very pretty paired with peacock blue) make sure it remains an accent, and not the main color.

On the other hand, if you want a purple and blue wedding (or any other color), the feathers should become the accent. Don't throw a peacock feather in everything; you'll be adding too much competition.

2. Don't go feather overload. Honestly, don't kill 60 peacocks just so you can have feathers at your wedding. I really don't want feathers in my cake, or every piece of stationary that I open.

3. Bridesmaid dresses: If you are going to make your bouquets from peacock feathers, here is the part where you can break your color scheme of blue/green. Blue dresses will complement, but purple or brown (black) dresses will make your bouquets pop.

4. Make sure all your vendors are getting the correct shades of your color scheme. Remember plum purple can mean one thing to your florist and another to your baker. Bring a color swatch for every vendor so they know exactly what you're planning.

Peacocks are beautiful and elegant creatures. It's not a wonder it is popular choice. Stayed tuned for my favorite peacock themed treasury on 1/15/12!

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