Monday, January 23, 2012

The Lion's Hand

I've been thinking about doing a handprint section in my store, and I finally got down to business. I went out and purchased canvases, and started drafting ideas. This one my daughter and I made last night, and it turned out great! You can have one made by me, and your little one (correspondence by mail) just drop me some mail at or stop by my etsy store!

Of course if you want a plain jane one to do yourself, here are some sneak peeks behind how to do it!

Start with your background painted. Note that mine has little grass sprigs on the horizon.

Place the yellow hand prints off center, they need to be behind the orange, and I personally like the orange part of the mane to be centered.

Place the orange prints between the yellow, giving you a total of eight handprints.

Add the face, shading, and details, and you're done!

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