Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Memory Game Tiles

I have three kids. Two are in school part time. The bring home plenty of paper, I swear, I think the piles actually double when I am not looking. This is why I have a strange aversion to paper. Any craft that we do in paper, gets ripped, worn, stained, etc. Not to mention when it's a really cute craft, I'm saddened when it's ruined. That's why I'm very attracted to study "keepsake crafts". 

When I first saw the idea of a homemade memory game, the instructions use laminated paper. Of course, this inspiried my own version. It's fun and simple to, with only a few supplies needed.

Memory Game Tiles


16-24  wood cut outs
16-24 srickers small enough to fit on tile (or cut to fit)
Acrylic Gloss Spray


1. Prepare the wood tiles by sanding the front, back and edges until smooth.

2. Pick one matching desgin to apply to two of the tiles.

3. Once every thing is secure and smooth, follow directions to coat with arcrylic spray. (Please do so without the children!)

4. Repeat step three at least 3 more times.

IDEAS: Think about using other mediums such as rub-on-transfers, or painting shapes or decopauge on to the tiles!

To play:
Arrange all tiles upside down. Player 1 flips over two tiles. If they are the same, they get another turn. If not, those tiles get flipped back over, and player 2 gets a chance.  The object of the game is to collect as many matches as you can before the tiles run out!

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