Friday, January 20, 2012

My favorite things

Without a doubt, you know I have a Beauty and the Beast collection, so I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces with you!

The rose from the broadway performance in New York. It's the first everlasting rose (and the last) my husband ever gave me, and rest comfortable in the center of my Beauty and the Beast display.

Desk Set- Oddly enough, I was unaware (or perhaps forgot) that there is a rose address box...which I don't have. Now I want it! I bought these all off of ebay because I wasn't quick enough to buy them when they went for sale on

10th anniversary doll- I actually remember looking at this doll several times on my lunch break just fighting with myself. I knew I didn't need another princess doll...but I have to say... I'm glad I did!

Belle bank- I know. It's cheap, it's plastic, and I bought it from walmart! BUT.......when else have you seen her wearing her green dress?! I mean, yellow is easy. Blue and pink are available. It's rare to see her in green, so this one stays forever!

Despite the fact that I still have many lenox statues and brass key dolls, I've become very picky about what I had to my collection. Here are a couple things I'm keeping an eye on...

Madmine Alexander Doll- I am sewing a life size version of this dress some day. That's a promise.

Miniature Castle- I already have one, but it's missing pieces and damaged from my kids playing with it. I bought at the Disney store while I was still in high school. I spent $40 and I have seen it on ebay from time to time, but if I see it again, I'm buying it--and putting it were it will never get broken!

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