Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today I play the hipocrit

So being such a fan of fantasy and Legends that stem from Great Britian in particular; I'm sure many people would be dumbfounded why I haven't even mentioned Prince Williams marriage to Kate Middleton (I know it is usually the bride that is in the front, but quite frankly, no one would give a damn about who Kate is marrying if it had not been to this particular person).  I have mixed feelings about the subject, but for the most part it, it is this:

Real people do not make the fairytale real.
You don't have to be royalty to have a fantasy love story come true, and who is to say that William and Kate are the true love fairytale anyways? Quite honestly, The story from Princess Diana's wedding to Charles was also considered fairytale-ish. It still ended in divorce, and later on a tragic incident.

What do we really know about this couple? Do we know what makes William grumpy and how Kate brings him back? No?  But, I know how my mother does it with my father. Does Kate ever feel guilty when talking about their problems with one of her girlfriends? I haven't the slightest idea, but I know my friend makes every effort to talk it out with her husband before talking to anyone else. These couples are real.  My point is, every real-life fairytale is just as important as this couple.

William and Kate's fairytale is real to them. But it's just another fairytale to us (In fact, many compare her to Cinderella, right?). 
Your fairytale is more important: because it's real to you.

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