Thursday, April 21, 2011

Playing Dressup

If they would not get in the way of daily life's chores I would have hundreds of costumes. Mostly princess ones, but I'm guessing I'd have my share of video game and comic book costumes as well.  There is something about dress up to me that makes make believe a little closer to you.  If it weren't for my husband and children, you would probably see me at the comi-con every year just so I could have an extra excuse to wear a costume.

I never had much in the way of dress up clothes as a child. Thankfully, my children have plenty. Hahaha...What was that about never forcing my children to live my dreams?  They actually don't play dress up as often as I would have, but oh well. Some of the costumes grandma has made them makes me jealous. Here are the princess dress my girls got from grandma for Christmas. I've been waiting for the grass to become green again before taking pictures.

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