Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pursue your dreams

Yesterday, I took my eldest to Hansel and Gretel performed by the Spokane Children's Theatre. I absolutely love the theatre. I prefer to be performing, but find watching exciting as well.

I have always insisted that I want my children to pursue their own dreams. I may love the theater, and singing, but I would never pressure my children to. I don't like watching basketball at all. If it came to one of my children aspiring to become a NBA player, I'd still support them in their dream.

I explained to my daughter that in a couple years, she will be old enough to participate in theater if she wished. She straight out  told me "I don't want to". I was a small arrow in my heart. I hoped after watching, she would change her mind.  I figured the gingerbread house might change her mind.

We had a good time. I made sure to save some money for concessions, and a souvenir if she wanted one. When it was over, I asked what she thought of the show. "It was okay." She didn't want a souvenir either.

Yep. My heart was officially broken. She said that the song "Put your little foot" was annoying. She said she would rather go to the zoo or chuck e cheese instead.

OK.....perhaps there is some secret part of me that hopes that my children will have the same interests as me. I know there is still room for her to grow into it, but I'd rather encourage her in horse back riding and ballet like she wants (Ironically I'm not fond of horses or ballet).  Afterall, I still have two children who might have an interest when they are older. :0)

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