Saturday, March 19, 2011


Last night the drama of Arthur and Gwen's releationship continued on Merlin, a series on Sy-Fy. The legend of the King Arthur has infactuated me since middle school. When it first aired in America, I was not happy with some of the untraditional approaches to the storyline. CAUTION: Spoilers ahead.

Most obvious is Merlin and Arthur are the same age, which has never been done in the Arthurian Mythology. Also, Guinevere is a Servant to Morgana, whom we find out in the fourth season is actually King Uther's daughter. In traditional tellings, Merlin is a mentor of Arthur, Guinevere is a daughter of a lord, and Morgana and Arthur share the same mother, but Uther is only father to Arthur.

The nontraditional approach works for the writers. After sticking to it, I've discovered the latest variations keep the legend fresh, and interesting. I find the wardrobes very appealing to my fantasy-side, but it does lack authenticity. Actually I would confess I prefer it that way.

Anyway, I noticed last night that the musical score reflecting the romantic interludes between Arthur and Gwen is quite good. I'm excited that the filming of the fifth season is about to start and look forward to more adventures in the Arthurian story.

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