Friday, November 25, 2011

Why a real clover isn't REAL

I am about to save you. Be careful not to blink, because you'll miss it.

If you search for four leaf clover jewelry, you can easily find online. Well, maybe. Many sites sell 'real four leaf clover jewelry': , even, has them! But here's the dirty truth.

Many of these 'real' four leaf clovers are not who they say they are.

But there are real clovers out there? So who are these impostors? How can you tell if they are real or fake?

For starters, these impostor clovers are in fact botanical. In truth they are not from the clover family (they are ferns), but these impostor clovers naturally grow four leaves. See? Told ya I'd save you. I'm saving you from buying an unlucky clover. The most common type used for clover jewelry is the water clover.

You know this plant is harvested by some underpaid foreign laborer, dried for several weeks, and then packaged and sold to crafters, or manufacturers. A few days ago I paid a visit to micheals craft store, and I was disgusted. In the pendant section of the jewelry aisle, hung two different types of pendants with this clover in them.

Now, I'm not saying if you just want the look of a perfect clover that you can't buy these by any means. I am however, irritated by the fact that people try to pass these as 'real'. I spend my days crawling over white clover searching for the true lucky clovers, earning less than minimum wage. It's rather insulting that some just effortlessly collects these to pass of as the real deal.

So how do you tell, if you interested in a real clover? Well, this is not always the case, but here's a few possibilities.

  • The clover is perfect portions. I have found some real clovers that are perfect, but they are few and far. If it's a perfect, raise an eyebrow.
  • The clover has color. Clover with red edges are not white clover.
  • The price. My jewelry is really cheap compared to other real clovers, but I'm not making enough off them, and I will charge more when I get better at resin mixing. But rest assured, if it's $20 or under for a necklace, they must have a surplus of those bad boys.

So whether you do or don't care about getting a real clover, It's nice to know the difference.  Now I'm done being superhero. It's your turn. Go save someone else from falling for the 'real' clover claim.

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