Friday, April 5, 2013

The Counted Thought

My obsession with finding those 'perfect gifts' started shortly after high school. My mother asked me to help her make a scrapbook for a family friend with pictures we had of her family. The surprise and awe on her face when she opened it got me hooked. From then on I made it a point to think more about the person when buying a gift.

It never gets old seeing how much astonishment people have when they ask "How do you find these gifts? Or how do you come up with them?" ...It's really quite simple, really. A lot of thinking, and a lot of questions. Who am I shopping for? (favorite colors, entertainment, lifestyle) What is important to them? (Family, work, hobbies)

When I do narrow down my gift possibilities.....Does this gift accurately represent my receiver? Is it personal? Is it sentimental? Is it unique?

I will admit, I have people that are hard to shop for. Particularly my husband (but it is getting easier!) because he is very basic in his interests (i.e. video games, sports, and movies {big surprise, huh?} ).

Here's where this comes into Kindness day (which is every Friday here!) : Kindness is about thinking of others. Gift-giving should be easy, but not thoughtless! Which is why I want to share ideas in a series I'm calling "The Counted Thought" (you can also find a board on pinterest by the same title!). Also, this is your opportunity to challenge me. I want to hear about that someone you're trying to find the perfect gift for, or the perfect gift that someone gave to you. It might just make it on the blog! Drop me a line at :-)

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