Monday, April 15, 2013

Event ideas for the pet lovin community

From the dog and cats to horses and bunnies, people are finding all sorts of ways to connect by their pet's common interests. If you are seeking out ways to meet with other people in your area with a heart for your furbabies, feather friends, or the like, here are some original event ideas to keep the momentum going!

1. Nature Walks/Rides- If you have pooches and leashes getting together for a pack walk is a great socialization treat; or ramp it up for the energized dogs; Go roller blading instead! Horseback riding is also an easy activity for the horse lovers.

2. Making Pet Treats- There are many homemade recipes for your pets of all kind, available all throughout the Internet, find a few good ones and ok them with the vet, and then invite your animal loving friends for a bake treats day!

3. Guest Speakers- From the vet, groomer and trainer, these people are filled with knowledge and ready to share. If you have a group that meets regularly, these professionals might even come out and do a Q&A, you can even leave the pets at home, proving you can still bond with other animal lovers without them in tow.

3. Making accessories- From collars, to embellishing your riding reins, to making bird toys, there are cute crafts that are easy to do for your animals. Your crafty members will get to bond on two levels with this idea- pets and crafting!

4. Pet portrait/memorabilia prints- Know a local photographer? Perhaps someone that does clay impressions, or prints? Your friends will get to take home a very special keepsake at this event!

(Check out!)

5. Habitat Building- If someone in your group is looking to expand their pack/flock, your group can take advantage of it! Make a day of it by helping them building a larger kennel, or fence.

6. Fundraising for animals- From raising awareness about adopting pets, to saving the whales, any animal cause is certainly worthy of this type of group. This is another way to create community with a common interest and still keep the pets at home (if desired!)

7.  Talent Show- This can even be done virtually with sites like youtube, or facebook, but in person is always fun! If you parrot says some crazy things or your mouse runs through some tough obstacles to get to that cheese, share it with your friends in person or online.

8. Pet Parade - Whether you just stroll through the sidewalk, down the block or make it a full-fledged parade (check with city officials for requirements), dressing up your pet and placing them on a float is the ultimate high point of showing off your furbabies.
(credit to the Atlanta Humane Society)

9. Holiday Parties- Look out they have Halloween and Holiday costumes for animals too! Makes for a fun get together!

10. Pet Fair- Several Metropolitan Cities have fairs designed specifically for pets. Vendors, Samples, and activities are carefully designed with you (and your pet in mind!). A search on can lead the way, so all you have to do is grab your friends and go!!!!


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