Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I dare you! Show us your closet!

Monica: " Huah?!!!.....How did you get in there?!"

Chandler: (intense giggles) "You're messy!"

Monica: "No you weren't suppose to see this!"

(Monica (Courtney cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry), on The Secret Closet from series FRIENDS)

Oh Monica!!! How I can relate!!!!! Don't we all have these little secrets? It might be a drawer, or closet (or in my case, my car!).  Here's the thing. Isn't it wrong that we feel like we have to hide it? As if the perception the world will carry of us if they knew would change our world forever that we couldn't bare it?

The media makes it worse. From TV commercials, blogs, and internet sensations like pinterest we are exposed to this illusion that our efforts and capabilities are not meeting today's standards. We have so much to 'live up to'.  We have so much room to fail.

You want to know a secret? Pictures I take for blogs, or products do not include my carpet for a reason. (Infact I even put a little effort into my pictures I post on my facebook timeline!)It's usually decorated in trudged in dirt, cookie crumbs and most likely, toys everywhere.  The most respected blogs don't share our secret closets with the rest of the world. It is costing us, the 'normal' peeps some serious confidence.


So what are we going to do about it?! I declare, we need to reclaim normal. We need to be proud of it! We need to reclaim our confidence and feel secure to say "I don't do it all!!!" That's why I'm starting a segment "Your Shameless Imperfections". Go on. I dare you:

1. Like my facebook page
2. Post a picture on my wall: it can be your closet, your drawer, your car, your bedroom....the aftermath of project, dinner, or the state you left your home in before you left for work. Just be real, and be brave. Face your fear!
3. Check in each second Tuesday of the month for my fav pics! Give these ladies praise for being brave, and if you ever have moments like these, say so!

So what are you waiting for? I dared you; Go get your iphones and start sending me pics! :0) I triple dog dare you!

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