Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working for Satan:

A few days ago, someone accused me of working for Satan. It doesn't matter what the sub-context is, because in essence, this person is accusing me of doing evil. I would like to state that I whole heartily respect Christianity (This person is a Christian) ; and the good is what I try to focus on. I will even go as far to say that there is no 'bad' in Christianity; but there is 'bad' in humanity, and it often leaks into many things (including but not limited to Christianity) and masks itself with those names. I do not count myself as Christian, and we won't go into my beliefs in this post, but I wanted to throw a few thoughts out there about this.

I have it in my mind that most people on this earth have at one time or another been accused of working for Satan or any respective evil persona, regardless of whether they know it or not. Regardless of what kind of a person they are. The individuals who concern themselves with defining who is and isn't working for God or Satan, need to know something: You are not making the judgements, or the rules. Actually, I'd like to clarify; you're not even invited to the hearing.

I would prefer to focus on being a good person, rather than concern myself with who works for Satan, or for that matter who thinks I work for him.  When we start labeling each other, we divide ourselves. When we start calling each other out for our 'evil' actions, we are not growing our numbers in a force for good. Think about it, would you join someone in a good cause you have in common after they said your approach is evil? Would you be willing to tolerate working with someone who accuses you of working with Satan?

So many people I know claim the end of times is near. They see how much evil has taken over the world and Satan is winning. Hence I ask; do you want him to win? Or do you want to grow God's army? You certainly aren't going to be successful by separating yourself from others who are trying to do the same thing in a different way.

Now what I am suggesting is NOT that you start bending your values on what you will or won't support. I am not suggesting that you start supporting questionable paths of causes. What I am suggesting is that we start trying to understand each other and find common goals. Find compromises to achieve those goals. We need to stop shaming people, companies, and organizations, and start building rapport with them. No more hating. No more separating. No more labeling.

While we may not like that someone volunteers for an organization that we don't like, that doesn't mean that we should shame them for it. When someone stands on the opposite side of you position, please, don't start pointing your pitch fork at them. Ask them why. Understand why they feel it's good. And don't challenge it. Instead, show them (don't tell them) why your motives behind your side are good. Then walk together and find a common goal. It might mean making compromises on the way, but they only way we are growing God's army is by banding together, and then praying to God that we do good together.

Maybe we need to start leaving the rule making, and the judgements to God. Maybe we need to start using a different strategy...... Working together in a godly way. At least... That's what I believe.

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