Monday, March 11, 2013

Burnt Cookies are Sweet Reminders

This weekend was a big to do at our house. Saturday we took the family to the local zoo. I had planned everything out to make it a painless adventure. I knew the tight budget delegated I would have to pack snacks, so I made popcorn and cookies that morning. I packed up a bag with extra clothes (in case of a potty emergency), my camera and accessories, and even my friendship making kit to do on the ride there (Thank you to hubby for driving!). The kids had a blast.

We spent about four hours at the zoo, and also stopped on the way home to do an errand. We were gone for a total of six hours, about..... Relieved to be home, I stepped over the threshold, dropping the items in my arms. The room smelled a very awkward smell, and my eyes watered. Immediately my stomach knotted, as I looked at my husband  who already bound his way to action and turned the oven off.. 

Here's the thing. I'm not laughing about this. I could have burnt the entire place down. I'm surprised the neighbors didn't hear the smoke detectors go off and smell the smoke. I feel incredibly guilty, and upset. I also feel as though I've been given a bit of grace. The only thing I'm left with is a lingering burnt cookie smell and guilt.

 I know that sharing this with you puts me open to be criticized and judged by many (and, yes, I am not looking forward to that). Still, I wanted to share this, specifically because I feel as though we often forget to share with each other that we are human. We're not perfect. Even with our best intentions at heart, we can still do wrong.

Please remember that you human, and you are lovable. That is why I'm sharing this with you.....because I believe that we need to remember to forgive ourselves....(and perhaps, to double check the oven before we leave).

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