Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My first craft show!

Did you ever get the feeling like somethings are not meant to be? Last week my husband and I planned to make a family trip over to the west coast to the Woodland Park Zoo. My mother offered to take the kids a couple days earlier, giving me time to get ready for the JBF Sale this March. Yay! It's perfect timing because I also registered for my first craft show this March!

But things did not work out. Tuesday, I packed the kids up, and was ready to take the six hour drive with the kids. But twenty mintues beforw I was suppose to leave, Rusty called me. His engine blew up! Being that we just spent nearly 2K on the truck for regular maintance, and his truck is a `06 it is pretty upsetting. To our benefit, the engine blew up because the mechanic who worked on his truck ten days ago is at fault- but it means his truck stays in the shop for a few days.

Then it snowed...and snowed......and snowed. Rusty and I knew that going over the mountains in a 2wd van was not going to happen. It's frustrating because I do not have any way to getting four leaf clovers right now, other than going over to the west coast (It's too cold over here). I've run out of clovers that are the appropiate size for jewelry. With a show coming up; that's not a good thing.

It is a good thing that we stayed, because this weekend, Tyler had a fever. I think this is the first fever he was able to express how he is feeling through words. "I shaking" he said..."I icky".

*sigh* Less than a month left, I have to prep for JBF and the craft show. ....still trying to figure out how to cut costs without losing effects of a good booth. Right now, I've got it down to $160 for the supplies I need, but I'm hoping to cut it down even more.

So....if you're wondering where I've been! That's where I am at! Crazy! In the meantime, don't forget to enter the giveaway at Bacon Time ! One of the prizes is my four leaf clover necklaces! Also, take the time to bid on a few items at Luck O' The Irish Auction  including my clover locket and belt buckle!

I'll be in touch soon!

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