Sunday, February 12, 2012

Elephants Never Forget

In honor of Alicia's (My brother's girlfriend), Today's themed party is Elephants. I'll admit I had a little trouble making this more age appropriate, so I apologize if this looks too babyish! Most elephant parties are held for baby's first or showers.


 These note cards are available at Petite Paperie


Naturally, most pick out gray and blue as color scheme, but I opted for something a little different. Don't let me ramble on about how badly I wanted to make the theme purple and gray after seeing these. But once I saw the napkins below a safari feel came about, and I am hooked.  I'm suggesting deep green table cloth, with cream place setting. Centerpieces containing long grass in a hand painted elephant on a clear vase.

If you have ever seen those ceiling banners with mobiles hanging down, I'm envisioning this from this photograph originally from velocity art and design. Sadly, this mobile is no longer available, but surely a talented estian could draw inspiration from it to make it come to life!

Napkins available from: Fly Trap


My food suggestions, surprisingly came easy! Animal crackers, peanuts, and cupcakes with elephant toppers all came to mind. I was overjoyed to find this on pinterest:


Elephant Never Forgets: Pretty simple memory game, won't need much to pull this off.


whole peanuts
feather (dumbo's feather)
small circus ball or elephant hat
elephant figurine
elephant napkin (featured above!)
Circus animal cookies
elephant necklace (featured below!)
Party Invitation (featured above!)
Elephant soap (Featured below!)
Something from the Guest of honor (like something from her purse)
Something from the Host (again, something she has on her)
A serving tray

Set all items on the serving tray, except for paper and pencils. Let guests view this for a full minute. Take away the tray out of sight. Hand each guest a paper and pencil and ask them to write down all ten items. Give them another minute to complete this task, if everyone is really struggling, you can add minutes.

The person with the most correct guesses wins!

The White Elephant Game: I know, I know, I'm not exactly original on this one. But Come on! No one plays this at a birthday party! What a fun way to get the guests involved with each other, and no more worrying about what to give the guest of honor. A basic google search will give you several variations of this game!


Here's the fun part where guests get to take home a little memory of the event! My pick is these adorable soaps made by soapsational favors.

Thanks for coming! Be sure to comment below and wish Alicia a happy birthday!

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